Sunday, 22 April 2018

The Secret Dirary of Adrian Mole

March, 2nd

Hi again, my secret diary. I had spent a lot of time without writing.
Now I am 18 yeras old and I have finished Baxillerat. Pandora is my girlfriend
again and we have planed to go to Miami, Florida to celebrate that we have
finished Baxillerat. I think ask her if she wants marry with me when we
be there.
My mother came back with Mr. Lucas because he told her that he would never
again treat her like a sexual object. My father found the love last year, he felt in
love with Sarah, my teacher. She is our neighbour now because our house is full and,
in this way, she`s near us. She loves my father.
Now, Bert Baxter is very rich, he could give us some money but he must give his wife
for an operation.

I am very happy because everybody is happy: my mother, with Mr.Lucas; my father,
with his girlfriend Sarah (he think ask her if she wants marry with him next year);
Bert Baxter, with his wife and his money; Pandora with her Batxillerat degree and our
trip to Miami; and me, because everybody is happy and everything is ok, my
relationship with Pandora, our trip,...

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