Thursday, 3 May 2018


You have noticed your best friend cheating in an end-of-term exam. A lot of teens cheat, but you and your friend have always been against it, up to now. What would you do?

I shouldn't do anything because my friend is the one who has betrayed his principles, so the problem is his not mine, maybe he will not be able to sleep at night from that day, because he should feel bad for what he has done. Besides, I don't know what happened so that my friend did such an act, maybe he has a motive strong enough to betry himself. In spite of everything, If someday he started to criticize someone who has cheated in an exam, Then I would leave things clear to him and I would face everything to him.

Your sister has a boyfriend and one day she asks you to answer the phone and tell her boyfriend she is ill and that she can't go out that Saturday night. You know she is planning to meet another boy that night. What would you do?

I would talk to her and explain her, from my point of view, why what she does is wrong. I would advise her that she should break up with her boyfriend, and then, once she has no responsibilities to other people (her boyfriend I mean), she can go out with the boy she wants, she shouldn't be unfaithful, that will leave her a bad reputation and I don't think that she feels good about herself doing something like that.

You are completely against smoking. Your brother asks you to bring him a carton of cigarettes from the Duty Free Shop when you go to London next week so that he can save some money. What would you do?

First of all, I would not buy the cigarette carton because it goes against my ideals and then I would explain to him why she shouldn't smoke. Surely, when he hears all the consequences of smoking, and how much it affects a person both physically and psychically, he will understand me and stop smoking. In case that doesn't happen, I, being his sister, should help him to leave that vice giving emotional support.

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Keyla Michaga said...

You are very good giving advice Abir!!Your advices are good and I agree with them.I like your way of thinking and your points of view